photo by BlackBird Creative


I’ll try not to weird you out, but I am SO excited you’re exploring my site! If you’re here you’re likely interested in having a video or photo session that truly captures you and your loved ones in this season of life. That’s my goal in the simplest form. I want to create honest depictions of those huge celebratory moments as well as those day to day moments that make up our lives. I want for you to be able to watch your video or click through that album years later and have it spark joy and pride! Whether it’s your wedding day, your baby’s first birthday, your grandfather’s 100th birthday, or the business you’ve worked so hard to create and grow – that’s your life! And I can’t wait to help you capture it!

Now enough about you, let’s talk about me;)

But seriously, in case you want to get to know the person on the other side of the camera, here I am. I’m a Hattiesburg native with a love for road trips, so don’t let my Mississippi address scare you away! I recently got engaged, joined an intramural kickball team and kicked my diet coke habit! I live for Halloween (Fall is the best season, no contest), long walks that feel like therapy, sushi dates, the rolls on my twin nephews little legs, new podcast episodes from my fav Rachel Hollis, candles, pretty potted succulents, new office supplies, oh and I will always say yes to the beach!

I love laughing till I cry (and snort a little), I love throwing surprise parties for friends, and I just love celebrating! At the end of the day if I could capture every celebration there is and help spread that joy for others – well I’ll leave here happy and fulfilled (just like I leave a cleared plate of nachos). 

So yay! I can’t wait to meet you and capture some moments, it’s going to be fun!!!